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Checking your Child's Spine

Written By Selinger Chiropractic on July 31, 2017

Checking your Child's Spine

Checking your child's spine for problems is important. “We don't want to irresponsibly or unprofessionally scare parents into bringing their children in for spinal checkups, but we do feel it is our responsibility to inform parents about the importance and value of appropriate spinal care,” says Lake Worth chiropractor Dr. Selinger, who also offers acupuncture in Lake Worth. 
At birth, the spinal column comprises 40% of the total length of the infant. That ratio remains the same even in adult spines.  There is a big difference, though. A newborn's spine is, on average, less than 10 inches long. The spinal column grows 50% in length during the baby's first year of life. Over the following four years, the spine will continue to grow another 15 cm reaching a length of 51 cm or 20.4 inches. From ages 5-10, the spine grows an additional 10 cm. Once puberty is reached and until the age of 18 the spine will typically grow another 20 cm in males and 15 cm in females.

The shape of the spine at birth is similar to the shape of the letter "C". At around the age of 3 months, as the baby raises its head, the cervical spine gains its "lordosis" or reversed "C" shape curve. Around 6 months of age, the infant adopts a seated and standing posture and the lower back - known as the lumbar spine - also becomes lordotic or "C" shaped in nature.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for your child or perhaps are suffering from lower back pain, pinched nerve pain or neck pain in Palm Beach County, we welcome you to call and schedule a consultation or request to speak directly to the doctor.