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Dangerous Intersections in Lake Worth

Written By Selinger Chiropractic on October 13, 2017

Dangerous Intersections in Lake Worth

If you live in South Florida or visit often, chance are that you'll be at risk for being in a traffic accident. Lake Worth is no exception. While its intersections don't rank among the most dangerous in Palm Beach County, there are still a number of trouble spots on the city's streets. An accident in any one of them could send you looking for a car accident chiropractor.

According to a story in The Palm Beach Post, Lucerne Avenue and North Dixie Highway has long been a trouble spot for motorists — and pedestrians.

“I see and hear the accidents all the time,” said City Manager Michael Bornstein, whose City Hall office is on North Dixie Highway. That intersection has been ranked the second highest for crashes in the city, according to a Palm Beach Post investigation based on Palm Beach County traffic records.

In 2014, there were 34 crashes there, three fewer than the city's top crash site — South Dixie Highway and 6th Avenue South.

Other sites with the most wrecks included 10th Avenue North, southbound I-95 to 10th Avenue North eastbound, southbound I-95 (32 crashes); Barnett Drive and 10th Avenue North (30) and Lake and Lucerne avenues (29).

With that said, Lake Worth doesn't include any of the most accident-prone intersections countywide. Two of the most dangerous intersections are in West Palm Beach - including Okechobee Boulevard and North Military Trail (the most dangerous in the county) and South Military Trail and Forrest Hill Boulevard (the third most dangerous).

The worst place to love from a dangerous intersection standpoing, though, is Boca Raton, which is home to four of the ten most dangerous intersections.

The bottom line, of course, is that you should stay alert for danger anytime you drive. If you should suffer an accident that results in neck pain in Lake Worth, back pain in Lake Worth, shooting leg pain in Lake Worth or other related conditions, Dr. Craig Selinger is a leading Lake Worth chiropractor who would be glad to help you deal with your problems. Just drive carefully on your way to his office!