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Health Tips for Skiers

Written By Selinger Chiropractic on September 21, 2017

Health Tips for Skiers

Dr. Craig Selinger is not only a respected chiropractor in Lake Worth, he's also a skier. He knows how invigorating a day on the slopes can be - especially for Floridians! That's why he doesn't want you to ruin your ski vacation with pinched nerve pain or to return home with back pain to Lake Worth.

“I've got some health tips for you while you're skiing,” the Palm Beach chiropractor says. “One, always be careful when trails are merging. Two, wear a helmet; head injuries are for life. Three, make sure you stretch out before skiing; you could easily tear a muscle and then you'll ruin your trip.”

And speaking of your trip, Dr. Selinger recommends that you be careful when carrying your luggage and ski equipment - that's another way to easily injure yourself on your travels. Be especially careful when lifting your luggage to put it in the overhead bin, if you're flying. (Stick around - Dr. S. will have more to say on that subject in a future blog post!)

Once you're off the plane and headed for the resort, he says you should make sure you drink plenty of water. Flying is very dehydrating, so you'll need to compensate for that.  Being adequately hydrated is also a good way to avoid altitude sickness.

And here's one last tip from Dr. Selinger for skiers: “Make sure you know where you're going,” he says. “Make sure you have a map and a plan.”

If you do come home with back or neck pain to Lake Worth, give the Lake Worth chiropractor a call.  He promised not to say, I told you so.