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What Type of Mattress Should You Buy?

Written By Selinger Chiropractic on September 21, 2017

What Type of Mattress Should You Buy?

The mattress you sleep on has a lot to do with your spine health.  If you are sleeping on a bed that doesn't offer adequate support, you could wake up with pinched nerve pain, back or neck pain in Lake Worth, or even shooting leg pain in Lake Worth.  Dr. Craig Selinger, a caring and motivatedchiropractor in Lake Worth, FL, talked to Rick, a manager at City Mattress, to help people learn more about the mattresses available today and which kind might be right for them.  Here are some highlights from their conversation:

Dr. S: What are some of the different kinds of mattresses that are out there?

Rick: Well, you've got your traditional mattress, which is coil springs, and specialty, which would include air, water and foam. Foam is the area where we're seeing the biggest increase in sales.  In general, you're going to have Tempur-Pedic type mattresses with memory foam and latex mattresses, such as the prana sleep mattresses.  Not a real big fan of water or air.

Dr. S: I'll tell you, water mattresses, they do not support your spine properly.  There's no resistance and plus, you know what, they're just way too ‘70s. I mean the next thing you're going to see is some guy wearing a leisure suit. So [water mattresses] are something I definitely try to avoid from a lot of perspectives - it's bad for your back, and I think bad for your social life. 

But some of the other mattresses we have.  You mentioned the Prana mattress, which I thought was an excellent mattress and it's a new technology that's out there.

R: Prana sleep has asked Latex International to produce a proprietary foam for them, one of the highest quality foams in the industry - it has the most amount of rubber in it.  That will give you the most amount of lift or buoyancy in a mattress so you get plenty of support and very little pressure. What's different with a prana sleep than a Tempur-Pedic type mattress is that with prana sleep you don't feel like you're stuck in the mattress; you don't sink in really deep into the mattress like you might with a Tempur-Pedic type mattress. 

Dr. S.: You feel like you're a turtle on your back, and you can't tip over.

R: Both are excellent quality products. Most times it comes down to whether the customer likes, which comfort they like, one or the other. Both mattresses would be superior to an innerspring mattress because they would give less pressure.  There are some excellent innerspring mattresses out there, they give you plenty of support but you get the pressure.

Dr. S.: Right

R: If you're very sensitive, you're better off going with a foam type mattress.

For more information, stop by a City Mattress location near you or call the offices of Lake Worth andPalm Beach chiropractor Dr. Craig Selinger.,