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Why Keeping a Good Posture is Critical for Your Health

Written By Selinger Chiropractic on July 31, 2017

Why Keeping a Good Posture is Critical for Your Health
What do you think when you see a person walking with their nose up in the air? “Some people might think this person is snooty, but when their nose is up, their head is up and the shoulders are back. This position has good posture,” says Lake Worth chiropractor Dr. Selinger.
Improving your posture now can help to alleviate neck and back pain and reduce your risk of developing osteoarthritis down the road.
“I tell my patients ‘pick up your head, it will help your neck,'” Dr. Selinger, a neck pain doctor for Lantana-area residents who also treats lower back pain for West Palm Beach residents and offers laser treatments for Boynton Beachresidents. 
Having good posture is an important part of taking care of your spine - whether you're walking, standing, lying down or sitting.
Prolonged sitting is a frequent cause of back and neck pain, but for many - especially those working with computers - it simply can't be avoided.

“When sitting, it's important to keep the back straight, knees bent, and head centered over the shoulders,” Dr. Selinger, a caring general practice and car accident chiropractor in Lake Worth who also offers arm pain solutions and treats neuropathy in Palm Beach County. “Slouching forward may be comfortable and allow the spinal muscles to relax but gradually overstretches spinal ligaments, leading to back and neck pain among other problems. We always encourage patients to maintain a ‘neutral spine' position at all times.”